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Car Loans has been around for a while, since 1997 actually. Over the years our company has changed greatly,  while we used to work with banks with a fax machine and telephones with dials on them, now we have cell phones, laptops, tablets and more at the tips of our fingers. All this new technology has meant big changes in the finance industry. When one of our clients applies for a loan online we are notified within seconds and the team members get to work on securing a pre-approval for the client. We have actually had people apply while driving to see us and within an hour they're driving away in their new vehicle! That's fast, faster than any of our competitors, that we are sure of!

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Professionals with a Passion for Perfection

We are a team of Finance, Automotive and Technology professionals that have come together to break the mold in our industries. Most people fear lending, buying a vehicle and new technology. It can be pretty scary!  We take the fear and anxiety of a large purchase away and focus on speed, quality of work, and most of all Fun!  We work with 18 lenders, regular banks and a few finance companies that will approved folks even if they are currently going through a bankruptcy! We work with a dealer network of literally hundreds, from vehicles to leisure products like snowmobiles, boats, ATVs and more. We also are able to offer clients cash backs on their purchases to help with the first payment, go on a vacation, put a down payment on a home and much more!

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